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Whipped THC Topical Cream (Various Scents)

by OCannaBliss

Whipped THC Topical Cream x2 Infused

Ingredients: Organic infused Cocoa Butter, Organic infused Coconut Oil, Scented with natural essential oils.

Dose: 330mg THC/12mg CBD


Lab-tested at The Green Cross Society of BC

Suggestion For These Creams: For pain management, massage, facial, daily moisturizer, bathing, foot bath, and are fun to use as a stimulant before sex for women. Apply a small amount externally prior to beginning of intercourse and ENJOY! He may enjoy it too! *Not primarily intended as lube*

Fragrance Free: The original O’CannaBliss scent. For sensitive skin types, good for sore muscles with tension.

Lavender: Rest easy. Good for anxiety or emotional stress, promotes the healing of burns and wounds, reduces acne, slows aging, restores skin, eliminates headaches, helps to control eczema and promotes sleep.

Peppermint: Take the pain away with crisp peppermint. Good for colds, congestion, headaches, and sore muscles. Promotes alertness and good for stress.

Vanilla: Anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, encourages detox, sedative, aphrodisiac, alertness, relaxing, muscle tension.

Sweet Orange: Anti depressant, anti-inflammatory digestion, detox, aphrodisiac, alertness, eczema, burns.

Luscious Lemon: Citronella type abilities, very fresh! Keeps the bugs away, cleanses toxins from any part of the body, used to rejuvenate energy, purifies the skin.

Cucumber: Enjoy crisp & fresh cucumber aromas. Invigorating and energizing for the senses!

Mulberry: Aromas of fresh berries and citrus with a hint of cinnamon will flood the senses. This scent is recommended for berry lovers!

Peach Passionfruit: Enjoy sensationally sweet and absolutely delectable scents of peach & passionfruit!


and more wonderful scents!

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