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THC/CBD Infused Bath Salts (Various Scents)

by OCannaBliss

THC infused Bath Salts – x2 infused

Soak away pain, soreness and dry skin with THC exotic bath salts!

Ingredients: Organic infused Cocoa Butter, Organic infused Coconut Oil, Natural Essential Oils, Exotic Salt Blend (Himalayan Pink, Epsom, Dead Sea, Fine)

Lab-tested at The Green Society of BC

Dose: 330mg THC/12mg CBD & 660mg THC/24mg CBD

250ml & 500ml

*Extracted from God’s Green Crack, coconut oil, cocoa butter, corse salt, dead sea salt, fine salt, pink himalayan salts.

Coconut Lime – Paradise awaits with this tropical-scented bath soak. Enjoy aromas reminiscent of a Pina Colada.

Lemon Lavender – The perfect blend of citrus and floral aromas. Recommended for total body relaxation!

Peppermint Vanilla – Fresh mint scents with hints of sweet vanilla. Our go-to cold and flu killer!

Tahitian Vanilla – For those with a sweet tooth beyond candy! Embrace sweetness with strong vanilla aromas.

Cooling Cucumber – Enjoy crisp & fresh cucumber aromas. Invigorating and energizing for the senses!

Muddled Mulberry – Aromas of fresh berries and citrus with a hint of cinnamon will flood the senses. This scent is recommended for berry lovers!

Peach Passionfruit – Enjoy sensationally sweet and absolutely delectable scents of peach & passionfruit!


Strawberry Mint

Bamboo & Teak


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