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Phoenix Vibes Vape Set - THC

by Forever Phoenix

Phoenix Vibes Vape - THC

Presenting a slick, self-recharging, lightweight system – the VIBES is a
top contender amongst vapes focusing on consuming high viscosity
cannabis oils. This vape does NOT require pg/vg and features a 900
milliamp durable & sexy chargecase, allowing the pen to charge whenever
it is not in use. The LCD front-side display will indicate the built-in battery’s
charge, and the charging state of the pen inside. the 90 mAh battery feeds
power to the bud-tech© coil – designe to increase the overall experience
while helping to produce clean, large, white clouds.

Method: Fractional Distillation
Contains: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): 200mg per 0.4ml cartridge. Est:
120 to 150 puffs Does not contain: Diacetyl, GMO, propylene glycol,
vegetable glycerin.
Product info: Fine blend of indica strains, extracted and refined with
added steam distilled essential oils and terpenes. Rapid absorption
due to increased bio-availability. Keep out of the reach of Children.
Store in a cool place. Quality Assured

1 x Digital Recharge Case
1 x 90 mAh Pen Battery
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x Prefilled Cartridge (THC)

Flavours Available to select for set: Blueberry, Lime, Mint, Strawberry,

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