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VIRIDESCO OIL – V-RSO Charlottes Webb-X 5:1 Oil

by Green Life Cannabis
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VIRIDESCO OIL – V-RSO Charlottes Webb-X 5:1 Oil

1ml – 427mg THC/79mg CBD

42.9% THC

8.01% CBD

50:50 HYBRID

VIRIDESCO OIL (Phoenix Tears Oil) is a potent concentrate formulated from the drawn-out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant through an extraction method, achieved through skillful purging of the solvent used and cannabis solution.  The oil comes packaged and ready for easy-use dosage in The Patron Eos-Dispenser.  This dispenser is the world’s first dispenser specifically designed for the viscous resins of Hemp!  Accurate to 0.01ml, Patron’s industry defining Patron Dispenser is the most precise on the market, down to the smallest milliliter.

V RSO – Charlottes Webb X T5:1C Product Description

The product was grown and produced on Vancouver Island, in B.C.

Charlotte’s Web is a medical strain high in CBD, a cannabis compound (or cannabinoid) that has a range of medical applications.  Charlotte’s Web has spurred a wave of innovation in CBD breeding, making this one of them.

This high-end RSO has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 51.36% Cannabinoids! This includes 42.90% THC and 8.01% CBD!

This product is a 50% Hybrid Strain from this resource:

*1g packaged in a glass vile*

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