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Whipped Topical Cream - FOR MEN

by OCannaBliss

Whipped Topical Cream - FOR MEN

O’CANNABLISS FOR MEN is a line dedicated to those who crave the natural aromas of the great outdoors. We created these products to cater not just for men, but for all genders who prefer more earthy & natural scents to our original O’Cannabliss line.

Suggestion For These Creams: For pain management, massage, facial, daily moisturizer, bathing, foot bath & more.

Sensual Sandalwood – Sedative, relaxation, stress relief, anti-inflammatory

Refreshing Rain – Antifungal, stimulation, analgesic, uplifting

Lab-tested at The Green Cross Society of BC

Ingredients: Organic infused Cocoa Butter, Organic infused Coconut Oil, Scented with natural essential oils.

60mL Whipped Topical Cream – x2 infused

Dose: 330mg THC/12mg CBD


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